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Mermaid Knots - couples sex - male sex toy

Mermaid Knots - couples sex - male sex toy

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Mermaid Knots - couples - male sex toy

Mermaid knots are here, letting you all experience the underwater adventure of becoming a mermaid. The smoothness of the toy makes it incredibly easy to use and enjoy while the tapered form gives an incredible sensation as you push it in deeper and deeper. Hear the call of the mythical mermaid as it slowly slips into your wet depths, creating an oceanic bliss that will make any beginner want more!

We can mix colors if wanted please email us or leave a note.

Mermaid Knot DIM:

2 inches long
Outer DIA: 2 Inches
Inner DIA: 35mm

3.2 inches long
Outer DIA: 2.5 inches
Inner DIA: 55mm

Firmness for the object is 00-30 as for the purpose of this item. We can customize if needed

_________Made to Order - Ships in 1-5 Business Days__________
- All our Dildos are 100% Ultra Premium Platinum Silicone
- Made to Order here in the USA all by hand
- All orders are shipped in white padded, unmarked packages
-looking for a custom design for your fantasy email us today!!
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