• NerdClimax

Nerds or Climaxing Which CAME first?

How did we come up with the name NerdClimax?

To start I always feel like the word Nerd is used very negative in sexual themes, our goal is to change concept of what the average dildo looks like. Most dildos are not artistic enough so you can spot them right away and for most people they don't want the whole world knowing. The word Nerdclimax in society is that feeling you get when you pick up something "Nerdy" like anime, video games or anything related to that and you experience a feeling of euphoria. I believe we offer that feeling and then some; wanting to change that idea we thought NerdClimax would be the perfect name for our shop.

What is your Favorite Dildo?

Do you like the name Nerdclimax?

Have you experienced Nerdclimax?

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