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Are 3D Printed Sex Toys Safe?

3D printed sex toys right off the printer is not safe!

3D printing is the process of laying plastic down layer by layer until you get a finished object. because of this it leaves grooves in the print which can cause bacteria to build up on the object. Attached is a good example of this:

3D lines on print
3D printed Boat

So How do we make our 3D printed toys? two ways one is you can add a finishing after it is off of the printer so it closes these gaps and becomes usable. We use a silicone coating to put around the object and create solid usable items. Now the second way one of the most popular items we carry is in the material silicone. We use a finished and prepped 3D printed object to create a negative and then create a mixture of medical grade silicone which is placed into the negative and the end result is a fully functional Adult sex toy.

Silicone is use as when it cure it expands and doesnt leave huge gaps. This method gives us a great option to make custom Adult sex toys and Dildos; We have designed alot of custom toys with unique shapes and definitely gives us a great turn around. If your looking for a custom toy please let us know we are more then happy to help.

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